Microsoft Dynamics AX An Outstanding Business Management Solution

Today’s business management solutions provide an insight view to the business organizations. Microsoft dynamics AX is one such software solution that helps organizations in automating their ERP system.

Businesses are crossing every border these days to grow in their field. Global markets are developing quite rapidly with right kind of business management solutions. Such solutions help organizations in obtaining efficient and quick working environment. The aim of every business is to meet the challenges of global markets. Meeting these challenges require advanced business solutions. Microsoft has developed various business solutions under dynamics family. The two fields of business that are ERP and CRM are focused in this family. CRM, customer relationship management and ERP, enterprise resource planning are the two areas that define success of business. Customer is the main source of business for every organization therefore; a proper customer management portal is required for every organization. This raises the requirement of certain CRM solution. In the same way, effective management of business requires well developed ERP system. This system helps in integrating internal as well as external business information. This information is shared across the organization and at the same time used to develop the outer business connections. The software solution developed by Microsoft helps in managing the ERP system automatically. The CRM solution developed by Microsoft is known as Microsoft dynamics CRM. This software solution helps in managing present, past, and future customers of an organization. This solution helps in organizing and automating various business processes thereby reducing the costs and increasing profit margins of an organization. Due to the automation of processes, various business tasks can be performed quickly and with errors. This helps businesses in obtaining customer satisfaction. CRM solutions also help employees in efficiently dealing with the customers of an organization. This software solution basically focuses on the sales, marketing, and services field. This system provides organizations with an insight in their businesses. A number of strategic efforts can be made by the employees of an organization to provide their customers with effective solutions. Other than CRM, ERP software solution provided by Microsoft also helps organizations in developing their businesses. The Microsoft dynamics AX is an ERP software solution that provides comprehensive set of ERP solutions for financial, human resources, supply chain fields of an organization. This is easy to use software with a wide range of industry specific solutions. This is a business management solution that is adaptable in nature. This software solution also helps organizations in manage business globally. Organizations can work efficiently by taking right decisions for the growth of the business.

Author is a Microsoft dynamics CRM development expert. This software solution can be really helpful for the growth of businesses.

Make Your Career With ACCA and Business Courses

The world of business is expanding day by day and so is the need of professionals who can prove to be a valuable resource for corporate world. These days’ students are keen to learn more about the courses offering business as a subject. To serve this demand, Business Courses are being taught in many colleges, educational institution, and universities. These study programs offer students a practical view of the corporate world along with the trends prevailing there. Such programs are useful because they can provide students an easy entry into business world. The study content of such course includes subjects like finance, management strategies, marketing, production, HR and so on. Each subject can also be taken as a degree or diploma course as per one’s wish. Students are advised to take a subject that they find interesting, as it will naturally help to grab more from what is being taught.  >

Apart, from this course, Business Management Courses can also be taken up as a bachelor degree or post-graduate degree. Study programs related to management are getting much popularity as such classes are providing students an assurance of their placement into reputed business organization. Moreover, classes for such programs are designed in such a way that students get a practical exposure before they enter to a business firm. Enrolling for such study program is an advantage for students as they get some of the best faculty as their teachers and get to learn a lot from the experience of such intellectuals. Students are also given practical assistance after classes that helps one get a better understanding of the things that are being taught. Communication is seen as a basic necessity of any business, hence, it is the primary thing that is given much importance during training sessions, helping students grow their verbal communication.

Besides the study programs mentioned above, classes related to accounting are also getting much popularity among students. ACCA Exemption i.e. associate of the chartered association of certified accountants is one of the finest courses to enroll for graduation degree. Such a program certifies one to be a financial advisor in a bank or be a chartered accountant. However, it is a difficult one if compared with other study programs for graduation degree, but once you get a certificate, a golden future awaits for you. A total of fourteen exams are there from which students need to complete nine exams to get a degree. For best assistance, there are several classes that help students prepare for these exams and make a golden career in this area.

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Maintenance Management System in Hospital (Ultrasound & CT Scan Equipments)


Recent maintenance practices in hospital (health care equipments and services) and use of computerized maintenance management system (CMMs) based hospital information maintenance management system (HIMMs) provide good practices during evaluating performance and effectiveness of equipments. But unfortunately, CMMs and maintenance activities i.e. Breakdown maintenance (BDM), planned preventive maintenance (PPM), productivity is not solve problems at all. Several reasons are: 1. CMMs not solve problems of repetitive failures, BDM , PPM for long term 2. CMMs also not predict life cycle and durability of equipments for long period For this reason, need of such system that can predict and resolve problems at all.

This research project is aimed to provide two ways to solve problems by using theoretically mathematical equations from literature review and modify equations for particular for repetitive failure, BDM, PPM and equipment productivity. Second way CMMs software is to design which is completely reliable; predictable critical factors for not only now, but also long term purpose. The results in terms of system assist facility managers or clinical engineers (biomedical engineers). Sustain life of equipments, easy to replacement and repaired etc.


The objectives of the project are: 1) To evaluate maintenance management system in hospital (health care equipments and services) 2) To modify mathematical equations for measuring maintenance activities of ultrasound equipment and CT scan equipment

METHODOLOGY: Data Collection Strategy: Data collection strategy is obtained from visited and observation biomedical engineering department. Select two imaging equipments -ultrasound machine’ & -computed tomography machine’ from various hospitals like Hospital Serdang, Hospital Putrajaya etc., to collect equipments inventory data. Data collection strategy is focus equipment assets history. It includes planned preventive maintenance (PPM), Breakdown maintenance (BDM), Schedule work, work orders (w.o), action taken, vendor services, parts management, utilities, and reports. Data collection is need because: a) Calculate repetitive failures, BDM and PPM b) Measure Productivity and Equipment effectiveness c) Life and use of equipments for long term purpose Analysis of Data Collection: Analysis of the data depends upon asset history of particular equipments. Identify repetitive breakdowns, planned preventive and productivity performance in both medical equipments. The strategy for analyze data is to specified no. of failures, no. of breakdowns and no. of planned preventive for last three years. Analysis of data collection is required because: a) Interpret particular problems b) Apply modify equations to solve problems Mathematical Analysis In general, previous studies on maintenance management system provided mathematical formulas and equations not at all overcome problems of equipments. In medical equipments i.e. reliability equations and availability equations are not enough to measure maintenance performance of ultrasound and CT scan. Predicted Breakdowns

In this project, provide specific and modify equations which is use to solve medical equipments maintenenace problems. (Stephen, 2004) This equations are modified on the basis of productivity and reliability maintenance management.. Stephen defined equations: Breakdown (Excepted)= S (No. of Failures) * Frequency of Failure / Total No. of Failures, But modify equation will be: Breakdowns (predictable) = (a1+a2+a3—-an) * () / Tf Therefore a is no. of repetitive failures, an is nth term of failure which is expecting failure with time,  is frequency of failure occurring in duration week, months, Tf is total no. of failures per years. Conclusion In the end, evaluating MMS in hospital is prime consideration for clinical engineers. This modify equations of equipments will improve maintenance practices overall and overcome failures, breakdowns. Successful in implementing and applying mathematical equations will definitely increases productivity and overall equipment effectiveness. Nonetheless, due to the necessity to ensure maintenance management system, figure 4.9 data analyzed and interpreted from maintenance part of the asset of equipments contains several factors that serve as the determinants to the success of maintenance practice for health care sectors. By using mathematical approaches and data analysis from maintenance part of the asset of equipments contains several factors that serve as the determinants to the success of effectiveness of equipment and best maintenance practice in health care industries.

RESULTS: 1. From above calculation, the result shows that repetitive failures, BDM, PPM always key parts and critical factors in maintenance practices.

2. Breakdowns maintenance in ultrasound much more and predictable during last three year so it would be a greater expensive alternatives if equipments not replaced on time. 3. CT scan has low rate of breakdowns maintenance during last three years so it would be predicted that less equipment expensive alternative so no need to replace equipment.

4. Medical Equipment’s productivity factor in ultrasound is 36 % in last three years due to more and more Break downs maintenance and Planned preventive maintenance occurred which is not good for productivity, life of equipment. Step should be taken in early stage of breakdowns. 5. Productivity factor in CT scan is 38 % previous three years, because of less BDM but more PPM. 6. Overall equipment effectiveness of Ultrasound is 38.90, it means equipment is in poor condition and unlimited break downs, more failures occurred. Require proper testing, calibrations, changeovers parts, adjustments. It will contribute to increase in effectiveness in rarely manner. 7. OEE of CT scan is 72 %, it is mean that equipment is in good condition because of breakdowns and failures are limited. In occasionally testing and commissioning, inspection is requiring. It will mostly increase effectiveness in rapid manner.

8. It will increase productivity & It will maintain overall equipment effectiveness.

9. Lastly, it will assist clinical engineers to make decision on need basis of particular equipment or replacement.


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Key roles and responsibilities performed by business management professionals

In order to perform proficiently in business organization, there are certain roles and responsibilities, which are meant for working business professionals. Until, they perform those functions, they can not achieve their task. This article talks in detail about these roles and responsibilities. There are a number of organizational roles and responsibilities, which can be identified (depending on the position and responsibilities of individual managers) that are obligatory to carry out the proper functioning of a corporate. Usually, these roles come in three forms, which include of interpersonal roles, information roles, and decision maker roles. We shall discuss about these roles in details. While performing their interpersonal roles, professionals generally act as leaders for their units or organizations, which entail performing ceremonial duties or entertaining associates. Leaders also act as a liaison officer, working with their peers in other departments or contacts outside the organization. The role of the liaison officer, leaders need to interact with peers, customers, managers and others. Secondly, when we talk of their information role, managers observe the business environment and make them self busy in collecting data and information that may leave an impact on their concerned departments and on organization as a whole. Besides, performing this task, managers also convey all that information with their employees. Managers play the role of information, acting as spokesman, providing information about the company to the public. In addition, senior executives often have to interact with government groups of consumers, industry associations and other organizations. Finally, coming down to decision making role, these managers regularly supervise and monitor their concerned departments and staff and solve their troubles and turbulences. This role of managers also helps them in mounting a large portrait of the department and own position in the organization. Similarly, business management professionals must secure resources, which might be helpful for their team or group and to bring out assistance from other groups as well. While acting as a decision maker, manager also reserves the resources, to determine how to allocate the limited resources within the units to make the most of effectiveness. This also concerns the function of entrepreneurial skills, for the reason that managers require to generate ideas for improving the performance of their departments. To be triumphant in their diverse roles, leaders must have a amalgamation of skills in three wide categories, which include technical, conceptual, and the report. Technical skills pass on to acquaintance of processes, tools and techniques, in meticulous companies or corporate. These roles and responsibilities help them not only manage their work efficiently in an organization, but also, get grow in hierarchical positions. One of the best ways of learning these skills and knowledge is get one extensive business management programs from a good and reputed business school. Since this has become a necessity on part of managers, there is no way out except performing well.


Kerry Kodatt Dallas TX is a Successful Business Management Professional

Kerry Kodatt Dallas TX is an expert in payment solutions and services. As a successful business management professional, he has held numerous executive level positions with leading companies such as First Data Corporation, Chase, Paymentech and Retail Pro. He has worked with fortune 1000 companies and has extensive experience in motivational speaking, sales leadership and executive leadership. A relationship-centric leader, Kerry Kodatt Dallas TX, has successfully worked in developing regional, national and international teams to increase revenues, profits and stakeholder value. He has successfully managed client portfolios of more than $50BB in sales volume and $8BB in sales revenue.

Kerry Kodatt Dallas TX has more than 10 years of international business experience and has completed prestigious projects and assignments on five continents. He is a relationship-centric leader who has successfully worked in developing regional, national and international teams to increase revenues, profits and stakeholder value. Kerry Kodatt Dallas TX has had a very successful career full of many distinguished accomplishments and managing to increase sales by as much as 400% and up to $500 Million while working with GTECH Corporation, FL has been one of the highlights of his career. He launched 22 new business entities and 26 multi-functional organizations globally. Kerry Kodatt Dallas TX has received numerous awards for his excellent performance and achievement in his career. He received national recognition as one of the Most Prominent Business leaders on a number of occasions.

Kerry Kodatt Dallas TX has a solid educational background which includes Bachelor’s degree in Economics and his Masters Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on International Business and Finance at Bellarmine University in Louisville.

About The Author: Kenneth Stone is a technical writer, researcher who has a passion of writing and research. He mainly spends his time to informative websites like Wikipedia and Squidoo. Nowadays, He’s writing about finance articles which are his core interest.

How To Engage Employees With Technology Based Change

When you think about the millions of dollars organizations spend each year on IT programs of work, wouldn’t it be prudent knowing that employees actually understand and most importantly embrace the reason behind the changes? There is one way of ensuring that employees and their managers have got the message and truly understand the reasons for the new system implementation. And that is the means that you communicate change.

Let’s start with reviewing how most organizations manage technology based change. If your organization’s approach to this type of change is new skills training and employee communication strategies that include stakeholder management (translated briefings), intranet and email updates then that’s not managing change, rather it is focussed on information. So what is the difference and why do we need to do anything more than provide information?

IT systems are not introduced for the sake of a new system itself, they are introduced because there are benefits to be realised from a business management perspective. This may include more information on customer profiles and identifying other products or services clients may be interested in purchasing, the chagnes might focus on back office systems such as greater information for human resources management or accounting or they may focus on the supply chain and logistics. Whatever the reason there is a business reason for change and this is what employees need to understand if the full benefits of any system implementation is going to be realised.

Let’s look at an example. This financial services organisation was introducing a new back office system. In the past employees worked in separate divisions so customers were transferred from one area to another to process their request. The new system meant that all of the customer details were now available to employees and that they would now work in teams and “own” the customer from the commencement to end of transaction. It was a complete system and work style change so before specific system training was introduced a simulated work area was established and employees were taken through the customer experience. It was important that they understood the benefits to the customer by looking at the changes through the eyes of the customer. This way we created the “Aha” moment, employees got the message better than any intranet, information session or email bulletin could have conveyed it. And when employees went into system training they clearly understood the benefits and business reasons behind the changes.

The five key things to remember when communicating technology changes.

1. Be very clear about the business reasons for the changes – who will benefit and what will those benefits be?
2. Establish why those benefits are important? What will the impact be on the organization?
3. Decide the key messages for your information strategy – what will you need to communicate, to whom and when?
4. Concurrently design an engagement strategy at key points in your project plan that will engage employees at all levels in the reason for the technology changes.
5. Remember to ensure engagement the message is not about the system itself but about the business reasons for the changes.

Finally, as change management professionals can we take the same approach to managing system changes and apply it to every new organization? The answer is clearly no because as every organization’s culture is different, so it follows that every approach to change management and employee communication must be different to maximise the investment and potential of the system changes that are implemented.

Marcia Xenitelis is a recognized authority on the subject on change management and has spoken at conferences around the world. For access to case studies and more information on the types of strategies you can implement to engage employees visit for a wealth of free informative articles and resources.

How to Dance at a Rave

How to Dance at a Rave

Dance at a Rave When you go dancing at a rave, you have to learn how to blend in and look cool. The nice thing about rave dancing is you don’t have to be particularly skilled to fit in; you just have to know a few moves and know how to copy others. In no time flat, you can dance at a rave. Other People Are Reading How to Rent a Dance Floor for a Rave How to Rave Dance

Print this article Instructions 1 Let the music be your guide. There are so many other things going on at a rave that probably no one will notice if your dance skills are lacking. So focus on the music and do what feels right. Bob your head when you want to bob, jump up and down when you feel like jumping. Chances are others will try to copy you.

2 Perfect the stomp. The stomp is a simple movement that requires you to stomp your feet from side to side along with the music. You can do this for quite a while and no one will catch on that you don’t know any other dance moves.

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3 Pick some apples. The next most used rave dance move is the apple picking move. Pick your arms up in the air and move them up and down in conjunction with your feet. Wave your head around and scream every so often so they know that you’re into the music.

4 Go wobbly. Whenever you try to dance rave, loosen up your movements and try to appear relaxed and calm. Tight moves just look awkward and rehearsed.

5 Watch the crowd. When all else fails, look at what others are doing and mimic their movements. You can’t go wrong by dancing like the rest of the group does. legal stimulants

How to become Microsoft certified business management solution specialist

Microsoft certified business management solution is a series that support Enterprise Resource Planning. That helps any business to take important decision and earn good fortune. Microsoft business management solution is a complete series of exam that not only make you expert in Microsoft dynamics and CRM but it will also help to deploy and configure Microsoft and CRM software application for your business advancement to make your decision at the spot and make your business flow smooth. Certainly Microsoft certified business management solution certifications make you an expert in deploying and implementing Microsoft application such as dynamics of Microsoft and CRM in your business concern.

Know about MBS series:

MBS certification is a set of skills that provides various business management solutions at the same time. So if you are looking forward to make any career advancement in the field of IT then Microsoft certification is the first choice of any professional. The best way to understand and assess your career dimensions to check out your professional experience. Microsoft certification introduces expertise in various technologies such as various Microsoft certifications and its related business product. However if you want to get multiple Microsoft certifications of various Microsoft technologies then you must have enough knowledge about Microsoft certifications.
According to Microsoft, This premier certification helps demonstrate your professional proficiency in Microsoft Dynamics and shows that you have passed a set of required and elective certification exams. The exams focus on one of three knowledge areas–applications, developer, or installation and configuration–for one Microsoft Dynamic product. You must pass one core certification exam and two elective exams to earn your certification in Microsoft Certified business management solutions professionals’ applications for Microsoft dynamics CRM 4.0

How to get Microsoft certification:

Study for the one required core exam is MB6-869 Microsoft dynamics AX 2009 development introduction. Real exams provides complete Microsoft IT certification exams questions and answers and other study guides for such types of exams. And following are the elective exams MB5-858 managing of dynamics of Microsoft implementations, MB6-822 Microsoft dynamics AX2009 production, MB6-820 Microsoft dynamics AX2009 installation and configuration, MB6-817 Microsoft dynamics AX2009 trade and logistics, MB2-632 Microsoft dynamics CRM4.0 application. You can start preparation for the above mentioned elective exam by using training material of real exams.
Win your career and become Microsoft certified because real exam wants to assist you to become a distinguish IT professional. The training resources of real exam enhance your technical skills in using a Microsoft and related business product. Real exam training material is available in the form of questions and answers. Real exam training tools offers self assessment, self learning and analysis. So experience the new change in your career by using the training tool of real exam that are available in the form of study guides, PDF formats and assessment system that will surely lead you to success in MBS certification. So just get the most out of your career and prepare yourself for the Microsoft MBS exam preparation. Certainly Microsoft certification develops and polishes your skills.

How LAN Stations Have Changed Business Management And Administration

Computer technology has developed mostly because of the Internet. Effectively making the world a smaller place, the Internet has made the communication cost effective while making distances inconsequential. Using Internet effectively over a large number of computers in a common network has been made possible by incorporating LAN stations.

Local Area Network or LAN is about interconnecting a large number of systems under one common gateway address, thus providing a two pronged advantage in running the entire grid smoothly. While the cost of multiple computers and modems is higher than having a LAN station, the entire network under a single station can be monitored effectively using a common LAN station. .

Before the conception of LAN and wireless Internet, single dial up modem connections meant offices having to make larger investments in integrating their systems. Monitoring and administration of the entire grid was also an issue as individual computers needed to be manually managed at its location. But with broadband Internet connections gaining speeds every day, LAN stations can effectively connect and support an entire network from a sole server unit.

The development of LAN technology has a vast range of implications in the market – from homes to industrial networks. In a house, a number of computers needed multiple modems to connect to the Internet. LAN stations made it possible to save huge costs on Internet bills. In cyber cafes and smaller offices, LAN stations are incorporated to ensure that a large number of systems have one source of Internet access. This also helps in securing the network better as the common point of access allows the monitors and administrators to effectively manage multiple stations from one platform.

Today, the usage of LAN is changing business management in all sectors; from banking, warehouses, manufacturing units, retail outlets, to huge industrial plants. Latest development of better and more reliable LAN services is a race that changes dynamics by the minute. For recent evidence, Meru Networks has recently launched its ‘Retail – Ready’ Wireless LAN solution for large and medium retail outlets like shopping malls. These system developments help make business easier to control over a large field of management.

Incorporating LAN stations, KVM switches, touch screen LCDs, such high-tech solutions to your business is the only way to remain ahead in severe competition. To find the best professionals to help you expand and manage your business, call i-Tech Company. Effectively providing technological systems and solutions for American businesses for over a decade, i-Tech Company can give you the latest developments in the industry at the most amiable prices available. is your source to get quality information on LAN workbench and LAN station. Visit us online for more details!